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2nd Chance Consignments

Consignment Rules

1.    When 2nd Chance Consignments accepts an item it will be consigned for sale.  The owner verifies that the item does belong to him/her and is their rightful property to sell.  The Consignor states that to the best of his/her knowledge, items are as represented.

2.    Pricing will be determined with the owner when the item is brought into the store for examination.  There will be an agreed upon asking price as well as a minimum acceptable price which will be decided by the Consignor and 2nd Chance Consignments

3.    During the sale of an item, 2nd Chance Consignments will have automatic permission to reduce the asking price by 20% in order to make the sale.  Any reduction of the asking price below 50% will require Consignor's verbal or written permission. 

4.    If the item sells within the first 30 days the Consignor shall receive 50% of the sale price, 2nd Chance Consignment retains 50%.  If the item is not sold within the first 30 days the price will be reduced 20% and the split remains 50% / 50%.  If the item still hasn't sold after 60 days the price will be reduced to 50% of the original asking price.  The Consignor is free to pick up the item at any time during the 90 days. 

5.    Consignor warrants that he/she has a homeowners policy which covers the items while consigned.

6.   If the item hasn't sold after 90 days and the consignor has been asked to pick it up, but chooses not to, the item will become the property of 2nd Chance Consignments and will be sold at a discount or donated by the store.

7.    Consignor may remove any item from the floor provided there are no pending sales.  Removal may be subject to payment of 15% of original asking price and is at discretion of 2nd Chance Consignments (maximum $150).

8.    If 2nd Chance Consignments determines after 45 days that an item is not likely to sell, the Consignor agrees to reduce the price, donate, or pick up the item.

9.    Checks will be sent out the first week of the month.


    We are looking for high quality, clean items that are in very good condition and ready to be used.  Since the items don't need to be repaired, upholstered, fixed, or cleaned they can go right out onto the showroom floor and be ready for sale immediately.  If you have furniture please make sure the drawers work and have knobs, and the piece is structurally sound.  If something has a flaw please point it out so we'll be aware of it.  When we advertise "in perfect working order" we want to be assured that it is.

    For pick-ups and deliveries we will recommend movers in the area.  Please call us for a phone number. 

    2nd Chance Consignments
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